Root dota roster completed with fluff

When we originally announced our new Dota lineup, we were missing that final key component to complete the roster. After some searching and some standing-in, we’re finally ready to officially announce that Brian “FLUFF” Lee will be joining ROOT. FLUFF brings a ton of experience to the squad, having competed since TI2 with teams like compLexity and Liquid. FLUFF has several prominent career victories, including 1st place finishes in The Defense Season 2, the Curse Dota 2 Invitational, American Dota League, numerous online cups, and a recent 3-1 victory over his former team coL in the Bounty Hunter Series America Showdown.

“FLUFF” wrote:

In light of all the reshuffling in North America, I decided not to announce any plans until I was positive that the team that I join would be the right one moving forward. I’ve been playing and practicing with the guys from ROOT for a good amount of time nowand feel confident that we can prove ourselves as competitors. I’m happy to announce that I’m joining ROOT and I predict that our team will make a lot of noise in the near future.

“CatZ” wrote:

Ever since the second International, I’ve been a huge fan of FLUFF’s. I’m not a DOTA pro, but he always struck me as a very intelligent player who’s not afraid to make his own choices and form his own opinions – on certain heroes for example – rather than copying other teams or the current meta. We’re thrilled to have him as a member of ROOT now and I’m super excited to see not only his great play in action, but also the impact he may have on the team on the drafting department. Please cheer for ROOT.FLUFF and the rest of the squad moving forward!

We’re all excited to see what this lineup can do, and look forward to watching them perform on the leadup to the next International.