Roster Update: Welcome back home SuperNova!

Published on 01/13/2018 19:08 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

We are extremely happy to announce that YoungJin "SuperNova" Kim is officially back on ROOT Gaming!

Though he never technically left, our good friend YoungJin took a long break from SC2 to do his military service. Recently, he returned from the military and has been streaming SC2 regularly (

For 2018 YoungJin made us aware of his goals to come back to competitive StarCraft & his desire to continue to be a part of our family. SuperNova has always been one of the smartest and craftiest Terran players out there, and when in shape, near unstoppable. We are confident that YoungJin will strengthen our roster and quickly become a force to be reckoned with in Korean SC2.

A few years ago, SuperNova lived at the ROOT house back in Antioch for a few months. In 2018 we may see YoungJin return to visit America, but he intends on playing in the GSL / Korean Circuit (as opposed to WCS) joining herO as the 2nd ROOT representative in the Korean Circuit.

Follow YoungJin @ROOT_SuperNova on Twitter and SC2Supernova on Facebook and Instagram.

On other roster-related news, we are also very excited to announce our Blizzcon'17 attendees, herO and Kelazhur have also both re-signed with ROOT Gaming and will continue to represent us in 2018, hopefully culminating with one of them lifting the World Championship Trophy at Blizzcon '18!


- CatZ

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