Published on 04/10/2016 19:11 PDT by Kavik

Just over a year ago, a nerd from Brazil appeared in the ROOT House in California and we sat him down for an awkward interview that turned into a true Terran battle of wills. 

Since then, Diego has focused on more than just arm wrestling (although he does offer surprisingly good tickets to the gun show now) and he has the results to prove it:

9-12th IEM VIII Sao Paulo
WCS 2015 Premier League Season 1
WCS 2015 Premier League Season 2
2nd Copa America 2015 Season 2
9-12th IEM X Shenzen
1st The Gauntlet Cup #2
WCS 2015 Premier League Season 3
1st Copa America 2015 Season 3
2nd Copa America 2015 Grand Finals
3rd OSC Championship 3
Ro32 DreamHack Open: Leipzig
1st Copa America 2016 Season 1
1st Cheesadelphia 2
2nd Copa America 2016 Season 2

Always a top Latin American player, Kelazhur has definitely made his presence felt among his Copa America competitors, and his overall results have improved steadily as well while attending events around the world. While there are other players from the region to watch out for, when it comes to putting up wins against the best players in the world, Kelazhur very well may be Latin America's greatest hope.

You can catch him on Twitter and watch him stream on Twitch!

CatZ 101
SuperNova 303
puCK 108