Ask the House

Published on 04/16/2016 16:16 PDT by Kavik

We will be setting up an ‘Ask the House’ show where the community can come forward with questions for the house residents. Answers to the questions will be recorded and we will publish a video on the ROOT YouTube channel once every 2 weeks with your questions and answers!

Curious about what a regular day at the ROOT house looks like? How many hours does a player practice each day? Who is the loudest person at the house? Who plays the most Overwatch?

Simply post your question on this Reddit thread or tweet us the question at #AskROOT!

People currently living in the house are CatZ, Kelazhur, Hydra, JimRising, xKawaiian, ZergGirl, and Rob from Production.

CatZ 101
SuperNova 303
puCK 108