It has been a long while, but the time has come at last. We're proud to finally announce the return of ROOT to the Dota 2 scene. We've been watching and waiting to find a dedicated team that can not only represent ROOT as players, but will fit into the ROOT family atmosphere. We've finally found them in the team formerly known as Urn Real Tangoes. We've been watching them play in qualifiers and online events a lot recently, and have been extremely impressed with their teamwork, attitude, and approach to the game. There is one name in that graphic that you probably recognize as a shirtless Canadian Protoss player, but let's get the entire team introduced.

Who are ROOT Dota? (Maybe listen to this so you really get the feel of it.)

Playing the mid is Adam Wohlgemuth, aka "Lykus", a 20-year-old from New Hampshire. He likes Naga Siren and long walks on the beach probably.

In the 2 spot is Jay "TubbyTheFat" Martens, a 21-year-old from Canada who prefers playing Slark, and also plays a mean Faceless Void. When asked about his greatest gaming achievements, Tubby said "I beat CatZ 1v1 in SC2."

As the 3, we have David "Tolera" Kelly, originally from England but now living in Maryland. He's 19 years old and plays a fantastic Puck. He is also the winner of multiple amateur online tournaments.

Jean-Christophe Leclerc, aka "UrBoyJC", is the captain of the team - a 22-year-old from New Brunswick in Canada, not New Brunswick, New Jersey. He plays support and enjoys Axe, Chen and Enchantress.

Michael "FlyingZebra" Stanus-Ghib, a 21-year-old from Washington State, rounds out the squad in the 5 spot. He is the other support and prefers playing as Io.

Now that we've taken care of introductions, let's get down to what you came here for: players answering your (my) questions. Let's start with UrBoyJC.

How did Urn Real Tangoes come together as a team?
It's a mix of Roshpit and Vas'Avi. Vas'Avi had issues and kicked two players after the last CEVO season, and Tolera and I left Roshpit. He asked if I wanted to follow him in Vas'Avi. So mostly we formed through Tubby and Tolera.

What is the team atmosphere like? How do you play together?
It's good, most of the players like to fuck around, but it's usually pretty serious during practice or big games.

Where do you think the team ranks in the NA Dota 2 scene? Where does it have the potential to go?
I think we're Top 5 of Tier 2 NA right now for sure, but we're probably Top 5-6 including the big teams. It's hard to tell, though, because there's not a lot of actual big tournaments at the moment. So, I guess potential to be Top 5.

Next, we'll check in with TubbyTheFat who still streams without a shirt, just as he did back in his SC2 days.

Tubby, why did you make the switch from SC2 to Dota 2?
I've been playing Dota since before v5.64 (~8 years) but I could never get into the non-existant North American competative scene, so I decided to just play SC2 since it was a 1v1 game. Even when I was playing 8-10 hours of SC2 a day, I'd always squeeze in my 4+ hours of Dota a night. I started to get invites to stand in for random tournies and stuff around December, so I decided to join a team and develop from there.

Did you stand in for any big teams in big events? What was the biggest?
Nah, just Tier 2 NA stuff. The NA scene is growing, but it's still really small. Only EG really plays in big events.

Where do you think this team currently ranks among the NA Dota 2 scene? Where do you have the potential to reach?
Top 5 NA, with potential to make Top 2 in the near future. EG is really far ahead of everyone else in NA, but maybe if we work hard enough and stick to it, we can close that gap. NAR is also really good, actually, so Top 3 in the near future.

No ROOT announcement would be complete without the obligatory quote from CatZ, so here it is:
We're extremely happy to get back into Dota 2 with a squad that already feels like family. TubbyTheFat has been a friend for a long time as he has an SC2 background. When Sasquatch told me he was really good at Dota I could hardly believe it! We've been watching and following these guys for a little while, and we are really happy with their growth and progress - plus they are really fun to watch. I'm really excited for this new chapter for ROOT in Dota 2. monkeys- will remain as part of ROOT of course. Even though he won't be playing in our current squad, he'll continue to represent the team, and who knows, we may end up having 2 squads at some point. That would be awesome! :D

UrBoyJC and TubbyTheFat also had some shout-outs to do before we finished.

UrBoyJC: Shout-out to my past teammates from Roshpit, people who support me by taking interest in how my team is doing and how I'm doing, Malcolm and Adam who I started to play Dota 2 with years ago, and of course all my friends and family.

TubbyTheFat: Thanks for this opportunity, and a a shout-out to Anele from Twitch for being the best manager I've ever had.

We're already impressed with how well this team plays together, and are excited to see what they can accomplish under the ROOT banner (which looks pretty cool). Be sure to follow all our new players on Twitch and Twitter, and cheer for them on the road to TI5.

Lykus - Twitter
TubbyTheFat - Twitch | Twitter
Tolera - Twitch | Twitter
UrBoyJC - Twitch | Twitter
FlyingZebra - Twitch | Twitter

Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:15pm PDT