Announcing OSC-ROOT!

Published on 07/05/2016 19:57 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

Today it is with great pleasure that we are announcing our new Title Sponsor for StarCraft 2: Oseanic StarCraft 2 Championship (OSC) through this partnership, ROOT Gaming will be proudly representing OSC in SC2, moving forward as OSC-ROOT!

With over $134,950 already given out to players in prizes in 2016 (including nearly $3,000 dollars claimed in bonus '$ bounties'), The OSC League and it's network of partnered online tournaments, have worked hard to provide support and development for players in it's home regions Oceania, South East Asia, North American, Latin America and China since the League was established in 2012! OSC has established a competitive and prestigious World Rankings system, where players are incentivized to compete for points and unique bonuses in 100's of online tournaments throughout the year, concluding in an end of year championship for the top players!

Thanks to this partnership, OSC-ROOT will be able to offer additional support to our top performing players  and create a system to reward hard-work and dedication for the rest of our squad moving forward. Click here for more information on how OSC will be supporting our team.

And we're not even done yet; with this new look and name, come new faces! And unfortunately, we must also say good bye to some good friends.

Leaving the team are: Caliber & Revolution, while Petraeus, Lord of the Underground, will be moved to our currently inactive squad. Caliber and Revolution are both forever part of the ROOT family and will be moved to our legends skype chat.

Joining the team are 4 rising stars to further strengthen our line-up :

DemiLove (India)
The number 1 player in India, DemiLove is one of the hardest working players in competitive Starcraft! This year he is ranked 3rd for tournament participation in OSC events (85 tournaments played)!

PandaBearMe (USA)
A rising Zerg talent from the NA region! He represented NA in the recent NA vs EU All-Stars Showdown, where he defeated EU powerhouse and DreamHack Leipzig runner up Bly 2-0, and went 1-1 with WCS Gold Series + HomeStory Cup #13 champion Harstem!

Probe (Australia)
Probe is a rising Protoss talent from the SEA region! He has won 2 regional DreamHack qualifiers (Leipzig, placed 16th + ROCCAT, placed 21st). Probe is a very analytical player, studying, creating and perfecting many of his own unique builds!

Sparrow (New Zealand)
Sparrow is a rising Terran talent from New Zealand. He is having a breakout year in 2016, highlighted by his 4th place in the recent $10,000 regional WCS Summer Circuit Championship!

We are eager to work with these new players to showcase their abilities and unleash their full potential while at OSC-ROOT. Further information about them can also be found at!

Additionally, moving forward Eddie Edwards, executive director of OSC will be joining upper management for OSC-ROOT. And former competitive player Lawrence Ho (Law) will be joining to help with player management and development!

We hope you reading are as excited as we are for this partnership!  Don't forget to visit and sign up for the next online tournament, and of course: #ROOT4ROOT!

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