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Postby Deezl » Sat Aug 11, 2012 1:17 am


Since its resurgence a few months ago, ROOT has been expanding faster than a Zerg’s creep post queen-buff. We’ve picked up established players in the StarCraft community, like TT1 and MajOr, and fostered the growth of some new North American blood through the signing of Fitzy, puCK, and MaSa. While we love acquiring new players, the constant flow of talent into ROOT’s roster is going to slow, but not before we make one last addition to the family: Yoan “ToD” Merlo.

You may know ToD as, simply put, one of the greatest WarCraft III players of all time. If you doubt that statement, let me read off just a few of ToD’s accomplishments: 1st place World e-Sports Games, 1st place Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, silver and bronze medals at World Cyber Games and recognition as WarCraft III’s player of the year in 2007. ToD even moved to China, a WarCraft III hub, in 2006 to hone his skills and compete in the world’s biggest tournaments.

Due to this continual success in WarCraft III, ToD turned to StarCraft II relatively slowly but has still managed to become one of Europe’s strongest Protoss. ToD has been living and training in Korea alongside the world’s top players since late-2011 and will be looking to post big results under ROOT’s banner in tournaments around the globe. Expect to see ToD in North America soon as he recently qualified for a spot at IPL 5 where he will compete alongside fellow ROOT players MajOr and ViBE in the main tournament. Keep an eye out for him there as well as in team-league competition as he is sure to impress.

ToD sat down for a short interview with CatZ to answer a few questions:

How does it feel to join ROOT?

ToD: feels great, i took my time to chose a team and i'm now convinced i have made the right choice.

What makes ROOT a good fit for you?

ToD: i'm friend with everyone on the team, it is one the very rare team where there actually is real team spirit in my opinion and that's something i have really been missing so far playing starcraft 2. ROOT is also the only pro team run by players, CatZ and drewbie know what players want and need and understand the game better than any other team owner obviously and the community support for the team is amazing, its just a really great atmosphere.

What are you hoping to accomplish on ROOT?

ToD: hopefully i can improve, and try to give custom games/ internal practice a real shot besides laddering, other than that i'm expecting to live a great adventure with my new teammates, i know we can do well if we just try !

You’re ROOT’s first European player living outside of North America, will you be making the trip to train with the rest of the team?

ToD: I'm trying to plan a trip there to visit at least and stay and train in the US for potentially a few months, and i would like visit Peru at least once aswell, i'm open to suggestions and a teamhouse would be great in my opinion

You recently qualified for IPL5 through its European satellite, are you looking forward to representing ROOT on its home soil?

ToD: Yes, i will practice hard for it too ! really looking forward to it

OK, and to finish things off, any shout-outs?

Thx to CatZ for making this possible, sup to all my new teammates, looking forward to hangin with you guys on skype/bnet and ofcourse thanks to the sponsors Rush Order Tees and our sponsors.

We’re ecstatic to have ToD on our team and encourage you to support him by following his Twitter: @ROOToD
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