ATC Round Two: ROOT vs Acer

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Postby Sunset » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:46 pm


Round Two! Fight!

Well, good morning/afternoon/evening, lovely nerds. Here we are for Round Two of the Acer TeamStory Cup. Thanks for stopping by. Take a seat, put your feet up. This starts at 2am my time, so I hope we can enjoy the journey into awesome games coupled with delirium together.

Round One against Team Liquid was not terribly bad by us, to be honest.
3-5 is a respectable score, especially considering the might that is TaeJa.
That kid is just phenomenal with his game sense and drop play.
I had nightmares about it. Seriously.

Anyway, this is a nice clean slate against yet another scary-as-all-hell team.
Let's look at the line-up, shall we?

Round Two: ROOT Gaming vs Acer



That is a lot of zergs in Acer, in'nit?
Yeah, it is. That was something I brought up in our latest match-up with TL as possibly being a downfall in their line-up and, to be honest, that wasn't entirely incorrect. Sage took out HerO before taking out two zergs in a row - Zenio and Ret. However, we're in a similar situation here against Acer, with an extremely strong Korean terran standing out in MMA. That being said, MMA has been fairly quiet these days, and was recently taken out in the 2013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft II League by LoWeLy, funnily enough.
But he's MMA.
Anyway, I'm worried my talking about zerg as a downfall in HotS is jinxing it so we'll stop talking about that, and start talking about this...

You're talking about MMA when Scarlett, Bly and Nerchio are there? lol.
Well, yeah. Even if MMA was completely removed from the equation, even if we think zerg are at a disadvantage in HotS, there are these three crazy-talented zergs. Scarlett's been training with weights, as they say, living in Korea now under the Acer-Axiom partnership along with MMA. She is crazy good. Then there's Bly who, if you recall, at MLG Dallas, took a game from Flash. FLASH. That's pretty much all that needs to be said about that. Then there's old mate Nerchio - a consistent, incredible player himself.

They're zergs, yes, but they're zergs. Know what I'm sayin'?

Despite all this, there's a part of me that feels better about this match-up than the one with TL.
What do you think? Will the power of ROOT prevail?
We'll find out!


Game One: Newkirk Precinct

Image Sage Image vs ImageParanOid Image

Bottom horizontal spawns. Sage sends out a probe straight away - this'll keep me awake fo' sho'. Sage makes a proxy pylon in ParanOid's natural, not even really that hidden. One gate goes down and the probe heads into the base at a seemingly standard time. Pool goes down at 14, Sage puts a pylon and forge at the front of his own natural. ParanOid's like, "Whatever, bro," and heads 8 zerglings into Sage's base. Sage tries to block his ramp with probes but mineral walks them, so ParanOid disrupts Sage's economy greatly. ParanOid destroys the pylon and gateway blocking his natural, also takes a third. No gas yet. Both are basically equally disadvantaged, the game will probably level up from here.

Sage transitions into stargate and applies gentle pressure in the middle with his mothership core, two zealots and a stalker while ParanOid drones up. Sage pushes onto the third with those units but is pretty easily held off and recalls without any losses. Sage has three phoenix out, prodding a queen. ParanOid goes double spire while Sage is generally annoying with his phoenix. Sage's third is delayed a little, zerglings try to take out the probe but a phoenix saves the day by lifting it up before it dies. That's nice.

ParanOid's going muta/corruptor, which is cool. Sage knows it's coming. Phoenix count is up to six and he sees all the things. ParanOid has a fourth and makes a move onto Sage's third with pure muta/corruptor but is held off by the phoenix and void rays. Sage's fourth is a little delayed, he puts it down and pre-empts the muta/corruptor force right when ParanOid tried to shut that nonsense down. Range upgrade is done so nope.

So many mutas go into Sage's natural and do so much damage, but Sage shepherds the entire army into the bottom right of the map, slowly picking away at his air force wityh the phoenix and stalkers.

Sage pushed back with a big gateway army with collossus + voids, but ParanOid counters with lings and muta. It pulls Sage's army all the way back, buying ParanOid time. Archons are here now. Sage has ground army upgrade advantage. There's so many stalkers and archons out right now. ParanOid's corruptor/muta ball is just nuts. Sage still doesn't have blink which is making it really difficult to deal with this.

ParanOid takes out the fourth and Sage tries to bait him into the main to get a surround but doesn't succeed. Sage splits his force, trying to take out a hatch while controlling the constant harass from the zerg air army. He succeeds in taking down one hatch, tried to take a second but ParanOid finally pulls everything back to deal with it.

It's just a crazy dance back and forth with these armies, it's insane. Sage's lack of air attack upgrades is really hurting him.

Sage has been more cost effective so far but the probes lost are insane and his bank is nothing compared to ParanOid's. Storm's finally down but the economy just isn't there. ParanOid is slowly picking away at Sage's bases. 45 mutas, what in the actual hell?

Sage has lost a lot of production, his main gets taken out by the air force. Wherever Sage's army is, zergling's run elsewhere and take out infrastructure. Sage is SO much more cost effective though, these investments by ParanOid are insane. At the 42 minute mark, ParanOid as lost 12k more than Sage. Wow.

ParanOid finally pushes into the natural expansion where a lot of key structures are, templar archives taken out. ParanOid has no gas, it's pure ling from here. He's invested way too much into this composition. An engagement occurs in the middle of the map and storms and phoenix just do an insane job and finally, Sage is ahead in supply. Sage is on one base he's trying to protect with his life.

He's making a second base, his army is split to protect both.

I just don't even, with this game. I don't even.

ParanOid keeps trying to poke at the operating bases but every time he pokes, Sage storms and blinks and it's just slowly whittling away ParanOid's air.

ParanOid bites the bullet and moves in but archons and storm melt the zerglings. Sage finally builds up enough to push out and ParanOid is too starved to fight and gg's.



Game Two: Daybreak

Image Sage Image vs ImageNerchio Image

Sage is building his pylon in a normal spot in his natural. Thank guacamole. Nerchio goes standard to a quick three bases as Sage fast expands. A quick templar archives for Sage as well, then a robo bay. DT shrine finally drops. Sage is being very careful to keep Nerchio's zerlgings away. Proxy pylon goes down, is quickly taken out but Sage still pushed into Nerchio's base with a small gateway army. Nerchio has a few roaches to defend - no recall because of timewarp. Mothership core just gets away.

Warp prism goes in with a warp prism full of DTs but Nerchio's got it on lock with spore crawlers everywhere. Sage pulls back but find an opening at the natural, goes in and just snipes the hatch before the DTs die.

Nerchio is going for ling/roach/muta. Sage on three base, Nerchio's just put down his fifth. Sage is pushing with sentry/stalker/immo, Nerchio used this opportunity to go into the main with mutas. Sage recalls and deals with it, but the mutas manage to kill enough probes to be effective.

There are so many mutas again.
Please, no more mutas.
And corruptors.
God, no.

Sage has two star gates pumping out phoenix and this is looking very familiar. Phoenix upgrade kicks in as Nerchio engages. Sage isn't as economically disadvantaged as last game and the upgrades are more in his favor so Sage actually comes out on top of this one, Nerchio loses all his air. Sage pushes and it's just too strong and Nerchio leaves the game.

I am so very, very glad that this was not a repeat of game one.
Not that it wasn't awesome.
Just that, you know, you see it once, you're in awe, you move on.


Game Three: Ohana

Image Sage Image vs ImageMMA Image

Oh, jeez, it's MMA. At least there'll be no muta in this game. Hurr.

Probe gets into MMA's main before the wall, sees the gas. Marine's out first, probe's roaming around looking for the factory.
Little does Sage know the factory is proxied in his natural.
A stalker gets out and sees it, almost stops it from building completely, but no, and a widow mine gets out. MMA expands behind this and has to float the factory out under pressure. Sage has two gates/robo, gets out an observer to get rid of those pesky mines.

Sage pretty mod. Applies immediate pressure, time warping MMA's mineral line, poking in.

Two widow mines get into Sage's mineral lines - 17 probes get killed overall.

MMA can't leave his base because Sage is outside it with forcefields but the mines are being pretty effective.
DT shrine is dropped and Sage tries to drop DTs into MMA's main but he's already predicted that nastiness - turrets in appropriate positions, scans are saved. MMA's got medivacs out and drops harass begins. Sage is behind about 30 supply - his economy was too screwed, his DT's were no good. MMA pushed into Sage's natural, forcefields go down, but MMA's force is just too overwhelming and Sage gg's.

That's OK, I think Sage earned a nap after that run.

Game Four: Star Station (cross only)

Image ViBE Image vs ImageMMA Image

MMA goes CC first. He doesn't even afraid. ViBE scouts it but he can't really punish it because he's a gentleman who is playing standard in the first three minutes. ViBE makes his second and third, MMA drops a bunker at the front of his natural.

Two hellions are out, more a scout than anything, drops double engineering bays when he sees ViBE's third. Hellion count is up to six, they move in on the third. Two queens are defending, ViBE pulls his drones away so they don't die. Hellions warm up a queen a bit with a bit of tickle. The queen enjoys it. I'd say. They always do.

MMA drops a third CC, ViBE moves out with a small roach force to apply pressure but pushes the nat, not the third. Hydras on the way. MMA is making what we'd call a "colossal friggin' bunch" of widow mines. Marauders and hellions have a bit of a dance in the middle of the map with roaches.

MMA drops ViBE's fourth, ViBE just saves it. Oh, jeez. He's being super annoying but ViBE's calmly dealing with it.
MMA's maxed on MMM+tanks. 2-2 is about to finish, he has the advantage and attacks. ViBE has so many hydras, though, the DPS just holds MMA off.

Hive tech begins. A drop takes out the spawning pool but who needs zerglings anyway? MMA following up with another push of marines, medivacs and tanks. ViBE is behind on upgrades still and overlord sniping is hurting him a bit. MMA drops a 5th and 6th CC, ViBE has vipers on the way.

MMA is hanging out on the edge of the creep, dancing around the fourth.
Huge engagement but blinding cloud is so good, ViBE takes the force out easily - such high DPS.

MMA is moving to battlecruisers and keeps applying pressure to the fourth, his ability to produce units is out of control. ViBE's viper use is great, abducting tanks. The hydras are the heroes here, for sure, they're rescuing ViBE every time. The fourth base is just under too much pressure though and it falls as ViBE is morphing his broodlords. Another hatch is sniped by a drop.

Oh, jeez, this is going to be a bad engagement - MMA has the high ground and a concave on ViBE's army. Blergh, that was horrible. That was what MMA needed to break through. ViBE just can't hold it and gg's.

Korean terrans, man. Am I right? What an impossible boss.
All tied up now at 2-2.

Game Five: Neo Planet

Image YugiOh Image vs ImageMMA Image

What's with people capitalizing O's in their name? Is this the new black or what? It's so hard to hit Shift on that O, every time.
I never played any YugiOh-ish card games, so let's just pretend I wrote something really witty here about trap cards.

Standard openings here. YugiOh figured a one-rax expand here but MMA's making a bunker out the front of YugiOh's natural. So that sucks. YugiOh holds it off but it gives MMA a slight economic advantage by forcing zerglings. Looks like hellion/banshee here from MMA. Speed's done for the lings but hellions shut that down. Four head onto creep and try to harass but YugiOh's speedlings surround.

A cloaked banshee goes into the main and causes a fair bit of damage, is dealt with, then continues to be annoying. Like a terrible girlfriend. Boom.

It feels like MMA is dictating what's happening in this game, and I think that's really telling of his experience in Starcraft 2 in general. It's pretty amazing to watch. But you know what YugiOh's got? Banelings. They explode everything. Even experience.

YugiOh moves in with ling/bling and causes a fair bit of damage, but widow mines are pretty explosive too. About 15 supply difference in MMA's favor, he goes for a timing attack on 2-2. Widow mines are so weird, they just flail and hit whatever - this time, they don't hit the banelings. But he continues to push forward with mines and marines, further and further into creep. YugiOh has a muta force out to harass and it harasses the crap out of a floating CC.

MMA split pushes along the bottom and top of the map. The bottom lane is taken out with awesome micro to avoid mines, jeez. Top lane is more successful, takes out a hatch, but YugiOh has bank and rebuilds it instantly while chasing down the loaded up escaping medivacs.

3-3 is going at the same time for both players but MMA's will finish slightly sooner.

I just remembered YugiOh hates ultras. I'm not sure how I feel anymore.

MMA is everywhere with small forces of marine/medivac. Banelings are doing work, mines are doing work, but YugiOh is always just a little bit behind, MMA always maxes out immediately after losing anything.

There are so many mines. Nathanias says it's like terran creep and he's right, it's actually pretty awesome. You know, for a terran. Broodlords are out (because of the ultra hate), and they, along with overseers, begin a bit of a clean up on the mines all over the map.
Infestors are here too. MMA is just applying constant pressure on hatches, drones, he's everywhere. YugiOh has fallen behind 50 supply. He sees no way out and gg's.

Game Six: Cloud Kingdom

Image TT1 Image vs ImageMMA Image

Dis gun' be good.
If TT1 wins, I'm gonna bake him a cake.

MMA's making a proxy factory because terran and mines.
TT1 goes one-gate expand. He can't see the factory. Oh, jeez. Mothership core comes out and heads to the main of MMA, annoying some SCVs. TT1 catches the mine unburrowed moving from his third to his nat and gets some shots on it - he knows that little bastard's there. But now there are many mines. Two at the natural. MMA floats his factory into TT1's main, but TT1 has an observer out now, and although he suffered losses, the factory is forced to float back out again.

TT1 adds many gates, MMA loads up a medivac for a drop. TT1 holds it and pushed with immo/stalker/sentry. It's held off out the front of MMA's natural. MMA drops TT1's natural with a few marines/marauder but TT1 keeps pushing, but it's not really working out. MMA pushes back with MMM, TT1 barely holds it. This is just back and forth but TT1 is the one of the back foot here, for sure.

The stream died. Great.

I went over to the French one but by then MMA won.
No cake for TT1.

Game Seven: Bel'Shir Vestige

Image SageImage vs ImageMMA Image

Nathanias starts out by pointing out the possible proxy locations on this map.
Nah, MMA's cool. I like his nose.

Yep. Proxy factory. I take back what I said about his nose.

Sage sends his mothership core, stalker and zealot for harass. MMA spots it coming and makes a bunker at the bottom of his ramp. Takes out one marine before they hunker down.

But now there's widow mines in Sage's base. They cause damage but, again, an obs gets out and the mines are slowly picked off. MMA's about to apply two-base pressure, which sucks because Sage just went double forge. Photon overcharge and forcefields make MMA retreat but the mothership core was taken out.

Both players get their third, where Sage finally spots the proxy factory. As his army goes to take it out, MMA drops Sage's main and takes out the robo. So Sage makes two more. He's doing a better job at defending the drops now. Colossus production is pretty delayed because of that robo snipe.

Sage tries to zealot harass but marauders are like "nope". MMA attempts a doom drop but Sage is all over it - supply remains even.

Supplies at 190-ish, engagement in the middle. MMA does not have enough viking to deal with the colossus. The high marauder count shuts down the stalkers pretty hard but they just can't get at the colossus. Mass stalker warp-in and Sage just keeps applying pressure. MMA can't deal with it and gg's.


Game Eight: Whirlwind

Image SageImage vs ImageBly Image

I just remembered last game, Nathanias said it was the last game.
I hope he feels bad.

Sage forge fast-expands. Oh, he's cannon-rushing Bly's natural. Heh. Heh.
Bly cancels his expansion and instead opts for his third. Sage is set at home with a cannon.
Sage is being so annoying with his pylon placement around the cannons, forcing Bly to go roaches to get rid of them.

Meanwhile, at home, Sage has a wall, a few sentries and many a cannon. Robo drops - immortal. He sends his mothership core down into the back of Bly's main, time-warping the drones, then takes a step to the right*, getting out of the base without dying.

Sage goes zealot/immortal/sentry/phoenix.
Oh, my God, there's more mutas.
Not again.

Mutas and phoenix dance the dance of doomish death. Bly is like, "Whelp, you like phoenix, huh? I got choo. 15 HYDRAS GO!"

Roach/hydra move across the field. The phoenix go to fly over them and scurry away in fear. Bly engages and Sage gets the upper-hand with forcefields even though colossus aren't out yet and does some nifty phoenix lifting on his sore units. I love that. It's so caring.

Sage does some warp prism harass with some zealots as colossus get out and void rays are added to the composition. It creates a doomish death ball of doom and begins its hunt. Sage has the superior army here. He pushes into the spine field minus his void rays, picked off by hydras. Sage definitely has the upper hand. The muta ball flies to Sage's fourth to try and force the protoss army back but Sage is having none of it.

Sage is maxed, Bly is on 50 supply and has one base left. Doesn't he know it's 5:40am here? You're killing me, Bly.

He gg's.

Oh, my God, we're even and it's come to a deciding game.

* GET IT?!

Game Nine: Akilon Wastes

Image SageImage vs ImageMMA Image

Oh, look. A proxy barracks. That's cool with me, MMA. It's nearly 6am and I'm on your level. #YOLO.
MMA makes a reaper. It's harassing the crap out of probes, Sage goes aggressive zealot/stalker/mothership core. Sage is on top of it - the rax lifts and heads home. Factory going down by MMA - near Sage's base, obviously. Widow mines head off to annoy Sage. They annoy a stalker and things, but a robo's down, obs is out, mines are picked off.

Small drop in Sage's main, easily held off. Sage is playing very safe - keeping stalkers on stand-by at drop entry points, tags an observer on the medivac off in space, waiting to drop again.

Robo bay goes down and a slightly late double forge, double upgrades begin. Thirds are going down for both players now. Observers are being very active this game, Sage is getting a lot of information here. MMA's trying to bait with two-pronged fake drops but, as Nathanias says, he's "out-mind-gaming himself".

MMA making a lot of vikings, he ain't gettin' caught out without them this game. There's only three colossus, though, it's a bit of overkill. Templar archives and ghost academy on the way. Both players are close to max.

Engagement in the middle. Excellent positioning of the vikings, colossus melt. But there were more blink stalkers, too much for the marauders. Sage gets the advantage and immediately counters, moving into MMA's natural...
..oh, my God!
Sage keeps pushing, SCVs are melting left and right.
Oh, my God!

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Postby Cdnfan » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:09 pm

you've got a way with words, Sunset: love the write up. and oh yea, nice job Sage, gogogo Root4root!!!
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Postby Brian » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:05 pm

This should be called Team MMA Vs Team Sage instead of ROOT vs Acer
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Postby jpham9210 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:30 pm

good deals!
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