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Postby Kavik » Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:36 am


ROOTViBE recently competed in and won a LAN in Colorado. Certainly, some duplicity or witchcraft was at work for him to score such an easy win, so I sat down with him—and by sat down with him, I mean I sat at my computer and lazily interviewed him via Skype—to interrogate him over his victory, and what I eventually discovered kept me at seat's edge, as I uncovered not only the secrets to the universe but also the secrets to Dan Scherlong, who apparently exists separately from the space-time continuum.

Kieran Conrad: Congratulations on not losing the Colorado LAN! Going in, would you say you were as giddy as Rebecca Black eagerly watching the second-hand turn from 11:59pm on a Thursday night to midnight, or were you as nervous as Taylor Swift beginning a new relationship with a guy who will, naturally, treat her the same as all the rest have?

Dan Scherlong: Thanks, I'm really happy I didn't lose either. If I had to explain the feeling I felt yesterday, it would definitely be more on the Rebecca Black side. I was really excited, and during the car ride I kept repeating myself, saying, "LAN CENTER, LAN CENTER, WE'RE GONNA OWN THAT LAN CENTER!"

Kieran Conrad: Oh, you too? I wasn't even there, and I was chanting it as well. Nice! As someone who's never attended a gaming event, I am reduced to imagining what it's like being there. What is the atmosphere like, what is the typical scent? Is it stale energy drinks and body odor warmed by endless rows of computers, or did the overwhelming, natural beauty of Colorado perfume the air with mountaintop cascades and deep, pine forest?

Dan Scherlong: I felt your support from home. It was one of the things that kept me motivated to keep playing my games. I would say there wasn't a foul smell in the air at this LAN. It was a neutral smell. There were some people there but not enough to form nerd body-odor mosh-pits. One smell that was strong while I was there, though, was the cropdusting smell of marijuana. Every few minutes some nerd, stoned out of his mind, would walk by me, and the scent was reallllllly strong. I had a good time, though—nothing to really to complain about.

Kieran Conrad: As an devout orthodox puritan, I have no idea what that smells like, but I will assume it's something similar to a potpourri blend of, say, Pine Sol, the purest beads of sweat freshly wiped from a lumberjack's brow, and warm homemade cupcakes; it sounds wonderful. Which match left you feeling most surprised upon winning and why, and on a scale from one to ten, with one being surprised by the overall delightfulness of Nickelback's music and ten being the inner serenity you find by listening to Ke$ha, at what level of surprise did you find yourself?

Dan Scherlong: I can completely comprehend and understand your beliefs. You seem almost like a modern day prophet sent from heaven itself. I am honored you have graced me with your presence because I feel I am becoming enlightened just reading your wisdom. The match I was the most surprised with was probably the last match of the night. The build up to it was intense—every nerd around was pouring their sweat and tears into their keyboards, striving for that all-important first place. Alas, I was the victor because I AM IN ROOT MOTHER [Chad Jones] GAMING, so I was a seasoned veteran on the battlefield. The last game of the night was a rematch of my first opponent in the tournament, actually. I went for some sick baller strategy and you had to have been there to understand its epicness. It was basically like watching another HOTS cinematic but live.

Kieran Conrad: I knew from the beginning I had been talking to a messiah. And if your style of play is anything like the HotS cinematic, I certainly hope you attacked with one mutalisk at a time to take out Terran units. Speaking of which, I'm sure I speak for both of us when I say we don't see enough building-armor upgrades for bunkers, but as a zerg player, which builds or units do you feel you did not use or have not been using that you would like to implement in gameplay more frequently?

Dan Scherlong: Praise Kieran!~! Lord Conrad*** It was probably even more epic then the cinematic because my fingers were directing the masterpiece. I have been told I have "magic fingers" before, so it's a pretty big deal. We definitely don't see enough of the useless stuff in the game, and people definitely need to branch out and make more useless strategies! As a zerg player, I find myself not really using the drone as much as I used to, because I just die a lot. So, now I turn toward other strong favorites, like the zergling and roach, only to watch hellbats and widow mines blow them to pieces. I think my favorite unit not to use has to be the swarm host. It has such a wide array of ways to throw away games you're winning and really give your opponents that oh-so-important confidence boost they have been looking for.

Kieran Conrad: Speaking of winning with (imbalanced) zerg units, I would like to ask you more about the competition, but you obviously won, so I feel the fans need to know the real ViBE—the one hidden beneath that air of machismo and hyper-masculine gruffness. Many know about your extraordinarily high APM. Does this affect you in your day-to-day life? Say, if you were making yourself a hamburger and wanted to apply the condiments, does the APM make a mess of ketchup and mustard on your plate, in addition to having 38 dill slices, when in fact you may have only wanted two, or does it actually enhance the experience, leaving your hamburger looking like an advertisement, with perfectly concentric circles and four equidistant, parallel pickles?

Dan Scherlong: The competition was great, we had a big turnout, as I had to start off in the quarter finals of the tournament. I had a hellish path to the grand finals and eventual victory by knocking out not one, not two, but THREE opponents. (Lol there were actually 2 tournaments and everyone chose to go to tournament #2 because they didn't want to play with me.) There were only three Spartans that day. (Lol I think so highly of myself.) My APM definitely plays a role in my day-to-day life. I can actually do tasks with individual fingers that require normal human beings their entire hand to do. I had five people approach me for autographs yesterday, and I was really hungry at the same time. I had a piece of pizza on my left thumb, an energy drink on my left index finger, and then I waved goodbye to three of my friends with my remaining three fingers on my left hand as they were heading out. On my right hand I held five pens in all my fingers, and I simultaneously signed five autographs at the same time. My thumb does my best artwork, so whoever got the thumbograph was the luckiest of the five. I really feel blessed to have my magic fingers.

Kieran Conrad: That is hilarious and amazing. I wish I were able to do that, but I actually have hooks for hands and make do as an orthodox, devout, puritan pirate, which makes it extraordinary that I'm able to conduct this interview with you via typing. Speaking of nothing at all in relation, do you have any peculiar quirks, any unusual ritual, any superstitious activity in which you participate before beginning laddering or playing a competition match, landlubber?

Dan Scherlong: Hooks are great. You could give people permanent autographs on their body. Just slash a big K in them for Kieran, and that's all you need. That should be easy for you when you're obviously so talented with them by being able to type at an amazing 150wpm while doing this interview (I have a WPM scanner on, and it's 100% accurate.) For my rituals I would say I pull out my phone and caress it a couple times. I look at it and eventually turn it on. I then hope to god I have texts from someone who is really important to me, and as I push the power button, I get flashes in my head of Tigerlily images. It's crazy, I know, but it happens. Other rituals I do would probably be adding to the unique smell at events by taking my shoes off and then crossing my legs to be sure all the blood stops circulating while I play to let more blood flow around the top half of my body. This blood flow is how I can maintain 750 apm in long SC2 games.

Kieran Conrad: I agree with everything you just said and with the world at large. Also, from one professional to another, I believe this has to be the most informative interview ever conducted. What has been the greatest fan experience you've had to date? Naturally, this interview doesn't count.

Dan Scherlong: I gain lots of inspiration in life when I share such highly intellectual conversations with individuals of a prophet-like nature like yourself. Speaking of inspiration, I always gain a ton from my #1 fan, KiWiKaKi. He wanted to do fan games with me a while back, which I was hesitant about, but I gave in and I ended up 5-0'ing him, but it's to be expected, right? I felt like my eyes were opened after that because I learned not only was he a fan, but that he was a very solid pro-gamer, which made me view him in a new light. I eventually befriended the KiWiKaKi, and now we're such close friends that we're going to be something along the lines of the best man at each others' weddings. Right now, I have five dog pictures opened on my monitor, staring at me, and it is getting really hard to think about how I am going to transition this, so I'll end it here.

Kieran Conrad: Dogs and KiWiKaKis have that effect on a person. I know this because I've met every dog and KiWiKaKi in the world. What has been the strangest thing someone has said to you while BMing that really made absolutely no sense?

Dan Scherlong: You must be a very profound individual to have done so much traveling in your time—well, we established this earlier, but this is one of the many reasons for it. The strangest thing someone has said to me would probably be, "Get in the kitchen and search again." I'm not sure what this meant—as in he thought I wasn't worthy of playing him, so I had to make him some lunch, or if he thought I should switch computers. Maybe the kitchen has better lighting.

Kieran Conrad: I think he was making an incredibly original sexist comment to his girlfriend but accidentally typed it to you instead of saying it aloud—no offense, of course, to any incredibly unoriginal sexists with girlfriends. I have two closing questions: what would you love to see happen for yourself this year, and should my future interviews be this incredibly, sternly formal or a bit more relaxed?

Dan Scherlong: Another example of when multitasking fails. I can see it—thanks, Commander Kieran! I never thought of it like that.

I would love to see SC2 explode again and dominate League Of Legends once more (not that we're competing, because universal growth is awesome for esports), but I'm not going to lie—being on the top is always so much fun.

I don't think you should ever have to question the ways you do things because you are the most enlightened person I have ever met in my life, so don't let people who understand less about life tell you what to do. Keep doing things the way you are. ~~ Lol! Thanks for the interview.

Kieran Conrad: Thank you for the interview. I appreciate you taking this much time to answer my serious questions. Congratulations, once more, and good luck in the future. I remember first seeing your amazing baneling replays on Day9's “Attack only on Creep” Funday Monday long ago, and you have been a top-five favorite of mine since.

Dan Scherlong: Lol nice


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Postby alundra » Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:37 am

Kudos, Kieran. I honestly cannot remember laughing so much while reading, like, ever. I mean, maybe I've laughed this much at a written piece in the past, but I cannot specifically recall it. Really funny, A++. ViBE, you are a funny dude and a great sport, too :) Congrats on the LAN win!
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Postby ROOTCatZ » Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:40 am

Kieran Conrad #1 interviewer
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