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Postby Deezl » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:28 am


Hey fans! We're going to be doing a series of interviews to introduce the Dota 2 team to you. Here's the first one. You've probably heard of him. Meet KoReYa-!

KoReYa- plays the carry role for ROOT Gaming. He is also an up and coming streamer, popular because of his high level of skill and his consistently hilarious chatter. KoReYa- was a part of It’s Gosu before ROOT where he played alongside 1437 and PowerNet and made his first competitive splash.

Would you mind introducing yourself to all the fans and haters?
Hey, I’m David "KoReYa-" Kim. I'm a sick ass gamer who likes giving people the d*ck in Dota 2. :3

ROOT Gaming is a fresh face on the Dota scene. What makes you think you can compete on a high level?
I believe that we can compete on a high level because we practice hard and have good individual skill. Our team currently practices more than any other NA team, we play like a team, and we win and lose as a team. Plus, we are able to give advice and take criticism without being offended by it.

What do you think contributes the most to your team's chemistry?
We all have the same goal and our personalities go well together. We all enjoy the game. I believe personally that when people are having fun and enjoying themselves, that's when they can play their best.

What do you bring to ROOT from your It's Gosu experience?
The game knowledge and the Dota 2 competitive taste which I gained playing with 1437 and PowerNet. They were both in the competitive scene for a fairly long time and are highly skilled players. Playing with both of them allowed me understand new strategies, greatly expanded my knowledge of the game, and just made me learn from being in the atmosphere of competitive play.

What would you say is ROOT's biggest strength?
It would probably be that we’re all in our growth stage, especially -ddx because that guy will be the better Dendi. :)

And biggest weakness?
It's mostly just the freshness of the team. We haven't been tried in hard situations and we haven't had a chance to tailor our own strategies. We could be better with all in push, but nowadays that's very hard to execute, so we wouldn't try to pull it off.

You've been known the roll the hard carry Alchemist on occasion. Isn't he the worst hero in the history of forever?
Hell no, L_O_L HE BEST CARRY IN THE WORLD!~ 4 SECOND STUN + NEGATIVE ARMOR WITH LOTHARS!?!?!? AND NEED TO MENTION HIS FARMING CAPABILITIES WITH AN EXTRA 1.3k HP WITH HIS ULTI BEST HERO IN THE GAME!!!!1! (Question was asked and answered before Alchemist recent buff, when he was, in fact, one of the worst heroes in all of Dota 2.)

Do you prefer to play a ricing style carry or an more aggressive style?
I prefer the more aggressive style because I just love giving people the d*ck. I can't stand playing passive unless we’re forced to.

But you're asian. Don't you like rice?
I love rice, eat em everyday with kimchi.

Any HoN or LoL in your past?
I've played HoN casually with my IRL friends and managed to play with some of the top players under an unknown account. Shoutout to my lil brother. :)

Hero you suck with the most?
Batrider, hate that guy.

What do you like about K-pop?
What's there not to like about kpop?!~ THE MUSIC IS GREAT AND THE CHICKS ARE HAWT!

What do you do outside of Dota?
My plan right now is to enroll into school for spring semester. All I do now is just gym and chill whenever I feel like it LOL.

Does your family support your Dota endeavors?
I told them I'm pretty much seeing how well it goes for me, streaming and winning tournaments and all that. If I’m able to make a good amount they'll just see it as a job. I’m blessed <3. Of course they still want me to go to school, LOL.

Thanks so much for your time, David. Any shout outs?
Shoutout to ma boy ink, Jon (Nightmare), DaisyAlex, megumixbear, my viewers <3, hotbid, rich, heyoka, flamewheel, and anyone else I’m forgetting. Shoutout to Rush Order for supporting us and our jerseys, Das for the keyboards, and Twitch for my streaming contract.
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Postby Deezl » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:30 am

Thanks to David for taking time off of the gym and maining Gyrocopter to answer our questions (and shoutouts to Sean C., our Dota 2 correspondent, for writing them!)
Editor in Chief, ROOT Gaming. For corrections and concerns or if you'd like to volunteer, please email
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