What's Up With ROOT?-Week Three 27-3rd!

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I am back with What's Up With ROOT! ROOT has been incredibly active lately picking up YugiOh and Sage, lets dive in!

First off, Theognis won DC LAN number 11! He was also shown on the Therealnanman's show! You can find the VOD here.

CatZ, the founder of ROOT, was in a $200 off-race challenge VS FXOBabyKnight. If you want to see CatZ play da Protoss then head on over here (JK IT WAS POSTPONED, IF YOU WANT TO STAY UP TO DATE WHEN IT WILL HAPPEN, YOU CAN FOLLOW ROOT GAMING AT @root4root).

One of the new members of the family, YugiOh, qualified for GSL's Code A! Sadly, he lost 0-2 to Liquid'HerO :( but hey, you win some you lose some. You can find the brackets here.

Thanks for reading, I want to say thank you to Justin M for creating the What's Up With ROOT banner. I would like to thank our sponsers Daskeyboard, Rush OrderTees, AverMedia, and Twitch. Please follow our Twitter and Facebook. And as always, keep ROOTING4ROOT!
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