What's Up With Root?-Week Two 13-20th

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Postby IWriteStuff » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:57 pm

This is the second week of What's Up With ROOT, and this week ROOT has been very active.

At the start of the week, TT1 played again in MLG's KotH to defend his crown. He lost in his 7th game to TriniXY who has now been recognized as a hacker.

Niteshadesc2 interviewed ROOTTheOgnis; you can watch the VOD here.

CatZ, the owner of ROOT, was featured THREE times in the Day[9] Daily! He also played in the MLG HotS KotH.

LeiYa played in the IPL6 qualifiers but fell just short, losing 1-2 against Ostojiy. TT1 and Theognis also played in the qualifiers.

We have crowned a champion! MaSa won the eSports Canada LAN, making all of us at ROOT very proud.

Another big win this week was in the IGN Pro Team League beating FXO.EU 5:4, with TheOgnis defeating Strelok in the ace match.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, welcome home Chad 'Minigun' Jones. :D


I want to thank you for reading! I'm sorry that this wasn't up yesterday but I was too busy. As always, please follow ROOT on Twitter and Twitch, and keep ROOTing4ROOT!
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